Zartaux Medical Aesthetic Innovations

ZARTAUX is dedicated to the process of graceful aging.

Our aim is to help you slow down the signs of age and keep your skin as young as possible, for as long as possible!

SANDINE ZARTAUX traces its proud heritage to the highly renowned Clinic of “Hellene”.

For more than half a century (1966), the Clinic has been the pioneer in anti-aging therapy, sharing its unique accomplishments with thousands of visitors from all around the World.

Since 2005, SANDINE ZARTAUX has no longer been a part of the Clinic, but the birthplace of extraordinarily effective Dermaceutical products and Medical Devices, that help you manage your skin’s aging process beautifully.

A team of specialists such us Dermatologists, Cosmetologists, Chemical Biologists, visited the biggest research centers of the word to find the best raw materials and made a serious difference in the way your skin looks today ... and tomorrow!

The result of tireless efforts, R&D of creative spirits, the progress of technology and the proper collaboration with the biggest factories and laboratories in Europe and Switzerland was the birth of a new Formulated Dermaceutical Line and the most innovative medical devices.

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