Botulinum Toxin for Neck Rejuvenation

Botulinum Toxin for Neck Rejuvenation: Assessing Efficacy and Redefining Patient Selection

The "Nefertiti lift" consists of injecting the platysmal bands and the inferior border of the mandible with botulinum toxin. No clinical trial has evaluated its effect on the different lower face and neck aging components, and little is known about the clinical characteristics that predict treatment success.


Patients were injected with abobotulinumtoxinA along the inferior border of the mandible and into the platysmal bands. Using standardized preinjection and postinjection photographs, the jowls, marionette lines, oral commissures, neck volume, and platysmal bands at maximal contraction and at rest were assessed with validated photonumeric scales. In addition, the overall appearance of the lower face and neck was evaluated by the Investigators and Subjects Global Aesthetic Improvement Score. Pain and patient satisfaction rates were also evaluated.

Thirty patients were injected with a mean dose of 124.9 U of abobotulinumtoxinA per patient. Platysmal bands at rest and with maximal tension reached a statistically significant improvement. The other components showed a tendency for improvement but did not reach statistical significance; 93.3 percent of investigators and patients rated the overall results as improved, and 96.6 percent of patients were satisfied with their results. When comparing the patients who improved the most to all the other patients, they had lower preinjection region-specific scores.

The Nefertiti lift can be used on its own or in conjunction with other rejuvenating procedures. It is particularly helpful in younger patients with platysma muscle hyperactivity and retained skin elasticity.

Article information: Jabbour SF, Kechichian EG, Awaida CJ, Tomb RR, Nasr MW - Plast. Reconstr. Surg. - July 1, 2017; 140 (1); 9e-17e

Posted: 10-12-2017